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The Architect [userpic]
Winner and Challenge Twelve
by The Architect (lothlorienbaby)
at November 7th, 2005 (10:02 am)

current mood: chipper
current song: Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes

And the winner is...me! Many thanks to everyone who participated by either submitting an icon or by voting or by both. :-)

Winning icon:

Remember that everyone and anyone can participate in voting including those who have submitted entries. In general, it's good manners to vote for an icon other than your own but I won't penalize anyone who votes for themselves.

Our first out of character challenge!

The Pics:


Bryce & Joaquin:

Rules for this challenge:
-- There are three categories for this challenge: Bryce, Joaquin, and Bryce & Joaquin.
-- Bryce = features only pics of Bryce
-- Joaquin = features only pics of Joaquin
-- Bryce & Joaquin = features pics of both Bryce and Joaquin; you can use two individual pics of them in the same icon to count for this category.

-- You may submit up to two icons, but each icon must be in a different category. In other words, you cannot submit two icons of just Bryce. But you may submit one icon of Bryce and one of Bryce and Joaquin.

-- You do not need to submit two icons. You can submit just one if you like.

-- Animation is okay.

-- Submissions are due as a comment to this post by Friday, November 18th at 3:30pm PST.

Questions? Just comment here and I'll get back to you. Happy iconing!